Psychotherapeutic Services

Psychotherapeutic services are an integral component for employee wellness, individual well-being, coping with life challenges and treating mental health disorders.

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Psychosocial Program Support

Organisations may require additional support and training when implementing and evaluating psychosocial programs.

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Employee Wellness Programmes

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce hence we believe wellness should be a priority for all corporate entities.

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Training and Development

The field of Human Capital Development recognises the importance of development and growth of people in organisations for future business success and sustainability.

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Recruitment Solutions

People are your most valuable asset; as such effective Talent Management practices are paramount.

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Psychometric Assessments

Kushamiri offers a selection of psychometric assessments that can be leveraged for various purposes

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Assessment Centres

We provide objective selection techniques through design and implementation of various assessment exercises (i.e. role plays, in-baskets, candidate suitability for specific positions etc).

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Organisational Research and Organisational Development Interventions

In an effort to promote overall employee wellness and performance, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research around areas such as job stress and burnout, values creation for healthier corporate cultures

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Career Guidance and Counselling

Kushamiri’s career guidance and counselling programs are targeted at secondary school going children, tertiary level students and employees.

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